Our Tourist Adventures – Part II

After leaving Belle Fourche, we went on to Sturgis.  Even tho the rally is not for another 10 days or so, the vendors are already get set up.  Massive tents outside all the street bars.  Vendors selling rally t-shirts,  We drove by Buffalo Chips and Full Throttle Saloon.  Neither were open yet.ImageImage


In driving towards Sturgis, we came across a sign for Lehman Trikes!  We did not know exactly where they were located.  We got to do a factory tour.Image

We will be moving from this campsite on Thursday to one in Custer State Park,  Our daughter from Colorado and her family will be meeting us there.  With them we are going to do some touristy things like go to Mt Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial and then there is this real twisty road that is a scenic byway that has a number of tunnels.  Supposedly from one of the tunnels you can see Mt Rushmore.  

Anyway we are keeping busy and having a good time. Miss you all.  Later…..


Our Tourist Adventures – Part I

We are now officially South Dakota residents!  Everything has been changed – drivers license, license plates, voters registration and today we did our auto and bike insurance.  We were surprised to find that auto insurance here in SD is higher than what we paid in GA!  The agent said it was because of all of the hail storms they have here.  

We can attest to that. Coming back from the Badlands on Saturday we got into a nasty hail storm.  It sounded like big rocks were being thrown at the truck.  When we stopped, we were surprised to see that there was no hail damage.

We went to the Badlands on Saturday.  People describe it as being on the moon.  Very stark and drab.  One side of the road will be prairie grass and the other will be these huge trenches cut through what looks to be wet sand that has dried hard and then had water poured through it to create these trenches.  Now that is my description and I know it is not a scientific one.ImageImageImage

I have been trying to send a post since Saturday but for some reason the wordpres software and I were not communicating with each other.  Today for some reason it is working fine.

After leaving the Badlands we stopped at Wall Drug.  That was an experience!  All kinds of places to shop, free ice water and free donuts to veterans but we could not find where that took place.ImageImageImageImageImage


On Monday we took a ride (by truck of course) up to Belle Fourche,  It is the geogrpahic center of the US since the entry of Alaska and Hawaii.  A very nice marble monument and all 50 states flags.




We are almost to Box Elder South Dakota.  We  will spend about a week there changing our drivers license, car tags, voters registration, state of residency.  Then we will move on to a campground closer to Mt Rushmore.  I want to see a couple of other places like the memorial to Crazy Horse and also I believe there is a national park for Custer.  Whatever there is, I would like to see it.  Stopped at The Corn Palace this afternoon.  It was neat how they decorated the building with corn cobs.  Different  pictures – for example hockey players, trumpet players, cheerleaders, a picture of the nativity.

We are also seeing a lot of windmill farms.  You see them off in the distance and they slowly start getting closer to the interstate.  Everything about the windmills are gigantic!  

We are also seeing nothing but acres and acres of cornfields.  There is also some soybean fields mixed in there but mostly corn.  Now that we are in South Dakota, we are beginning to see wheat fields.

We have been following the GPS and have had some mistakes.  Like today.  We call her Jill.  We were following Interstate 29 out of Sioux City headed for Sioux Falls and I90.  All of a sudden Jill has us taking a side road that was thru a lot of traffic and red lights.  At first the road was 4 lane but it eventually turned into a 2 lane road.  We were on SD42 which ran parallel to I90.  It was another one of those narrow one lane road.  We finally met up with a road that would take us directly to I90.  We never did for sure figure out the purpose for that move!  We are thinking it was to avoid Sioux Falls.

Our house still has not sold!  This buyer is trying to get an FHA loan and the underwriters are taking their sweet time in approving the loan.  If it does not happen in the next couple of weeks we are done and will move on.

We will be arriving in Box Elder SD tomorrow.  Wednesday I will receive a new shipment of dialysis supplies.  We will see how this traveling and peritoneal dialysis works.

More later…..

Attempting to get fuel!

Here we are at a KOA Kampground in Manchester TN.  So far it is the nicest campground that  we have stayed in.  We stopped early today because we had a rough day all the way around so I guess we deserved a nice place for the evening!  We got off the interstate in North Georgia somewhere to get fuel and have a bite to eat.  We missed the entrance to the truck stop so we went down the road a little to turn around.  Well you just don’t turn this “honkin” rig (that is my daughters description!) around like you do a Goldwing!  We made a left hand turn that looked to be a nice wide paved road.  I told Don there were signs for churches down this road so we should be able to turn around in their parking lot.  We went around the first curve and the road narrowed to one lane.  We had about 5 cars behind us by this time so we could not back up (which would have been a feat in itself, again this  “honkin” rig!).  After about an hour on this narrow, twistee road (a perfect motorcycle road) we finally came upon a wider and better road.  It brought us back out at the interstate but about 2 exits north of where we got off!  We tried 2 more times to get fuel and finally said screw it we will find a FlyingJ/Pilot and get in line for diesel with the big rigs.

We are considering today a life experience!

Sunny Florida! Not really

We got here last Sunday and it has rained every day since we got here.  The RV park that we are in has a lot of flooded sites.  Our site is surrounded by water.  We are hoping that it dries out some before we leave on Monday as it will be a mess moving this rig out of the mud. 

To keep everyone up to date, our house has not closed.  The buyer has sorta fell thru.  We have extended the contract until the 15th of July and if he has not closed by then his contract will be cancelled.  Our agent has put the house back on an active status and has started showing again.  We just may get a buyer that can actually qualify for a loan yet!

Will post again in a few days.